We can help you grow your business through our content writing services

Content writing and copywriting are the foundation of a great business website. Tech Traffic is a small digital marketing agency focused on content writing services. We help small and medium businesses through website content writing, SEO copywriting services, blog posts, and implementing a complete content strategy.

Flexibility & Freedom

Companies with quality blogs generate 67% more leads each month.

70% of people want to learn through your blog and website content, not your ads.

Only 3% of bloggers use 10+ images, which brings the best results.

Legit SEO Website Content Writing

We don’t trick Google with SEO hacks. We grow your website the right way. This means producing brilliant web content. Other companies will tell you about quick methods to get to the top of Google tomorrow. We don’t believe fooling the algorithm is the best path to success with search engines.

Digital Marketing Agency

We want your website to receive more visitors every month. To do this, we focus on developing multiple ways to bring your products and brand to a growing audience. SEO website content writing brings in search users. Targeted email campaigns catch the attention of your followers. Social media posts reach new audiences through their networks.

Brand Building Content Strategy

We want your business to succeed for years to come. Building your brand means investing in trust. We help you publish content your customers will love, trust, and share. You already have a super product to offer. We help by bringing your product to your audience. We’ll help you reach out via Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Reddit, and Google.

Content Writing Services

Our content writing services cover every aspect of your web copy. Our content writers have experience in different industries, but we commit ourselves to creating quality web content that will bring the right information to your audience so they choose you instead of the competition.
SEO Content Marketing to Fuel Growth

Content marketing is using content to reach customers through the power of search engines and internal links. We'll help you customize every page and post on your website to draw visitors from Google, Bing, and everywhere else. Once your visitors arrive, we'll link your content to your product pages so your visitors find the best products you offer.

Copywriting Services to Boost Conversions

Our copy writing team can help you create product descriptions that convert. Professional copy writing in your product descriptions means there are no spelling errors and no grammar mistakes. Our copywriters focus on the best phrases and ideas to convince your target audience to buy your products.

A Content Strategy to Build Confidence

Brilliant content creation begins with creating new content ideas and organizing these into content writing projects. Publishing articles, blog posts, and web copy on a schedule and with a plan means you can feel confident that the results will come. Our content writers will cover every keyword, topic, and angle for your business.

High Quality Website Copy

Our copywriters can help your business speak to its clients through persuasive writing on every page of your website. Subtle marketing strategies throughout your content will keep readers engaged and moving towards the purchase point. Our content writing team will generate more leads from your clients.

Publicity Tasks

Press releases, white papers, and text posts are all part of our publicity content writing services. Using the same writing service for all your writing jobs ensures your copy stays on message. Every communication conveys information, so let us help you get it right every time you speak to the public.

Creative Writing

Each article requires a creative touch. Our content writers will create brilliant blog posts, video scripts, info articles, and email for you. Increase the visibility of your blogs by using our writing team to create sticky, shareable content that will build your brand and client base every time someone shares it on the internet.

Frequently asked questions

Content writing focuses on creating content that will inform and inspire your readers. Website content sells products, advertises services, and informs searchers. Keeping your content up to date by following a content writing strategy will mean your visitors always see the latest information. This gives a ‘freshness boost’ to your Google ranking. We’ll help you make a plan and then deliver the best results. Updated content also informs your readers better. 2021 is going to be the year of UX – User Experience. Content writing that genuinely helps your readers will work better for you.

A content writer can research the best ways to reach the people you want to target. Your products and services appeal to a specific group. A content writer can help you target that group through keywords, writing styles, and natural language that appeals to your desired demographic. Here are three specific things we incorporate into our SEO content writing services:

  1. Clear, understandable keyword research for every page. Our writers find the best keywords to use in your copy. We look for examples of these words in other content and find tips for tailoring each word to your clients. Our writers use SurferSEO to create simple document outlines. We grade every outline against a benchmark. This guarantees you will receive content that performs well in every search engine.
  2. Help from the Best Marketers in the World. All content writers need to be marketers. Simply keeping people reading is a task! Our writers are also readers. We train each writer to study marketing techniques to improve the readability and conversion rate for each piece we write. We combine effective SEO techniques with quality content to bring you the best writing service.
  3. Content Planning That Links Articles into a Content Strategy. In order to be the most effective, your articles should work together to position your company and brand as the authority in your industry or niche. We’ll write posts that link to form a content network on your website. As your content base grows, your authority will expand, and then your search engine rankings will rise.
We charge for content in two different ways: hourly for single pieces and monthly for projects. We strongly recommend choosing a monthly option. Let us help you create a long-term content strategy for your website. Here are some examples of how this could work for you:

£80 per post

Thorough Keyword Research to cover every keyword you need to have content that ranks highly.

Document Score Benchmark to ensure every piece of content is the best it can be.

Delivered in less than 7 days to keep your business moving forward every single week.

£350 Per Month

One Blog Post Per Week to make your website as fresh as it can be for your customers.

Comprehensive Content Strategy to plan and deliver the content that will build your brand’s authority.

Regular Updates to help you manage your content and spending to get the best result3.

As you can see, the monthly option gives you a comprehensive content strategy complete with keyword research and article linking. Specific SEO services are also available. We’d love to chat with you about your website and ambitions.

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